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Privacy policy

Privacy Notice

You are kindly requested to read these Privacy policy carefully, in which Metalvision Kft. informs your visitors of the website, the treatment and protection of your personal data and information, and the terms and conditions under which the website may be used.

The Visitor may freely access the Website or its online support websites. Metalvision Kft. Makes every effort to ensure the timeliness and authenticity of the information on this website, however, the Visitor may rely on the information on the website at its own risk. Metalvision Kft. Operates and maintains the website on a continuous basis, however, there may be unforeseen events that make the website temporarily unavailable. Metalvision Kft. Shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting therefrom.

Please note that the information on this site may be modified or deleted by Metalvision Kft. does not warrant that the use of this website will be uninterrupted or error-free and will not be liable or liable for any loss of the Visitor's computer system or other property caused by a virus infection resulting from the use of the Website, resulting from access to or downloading of material from the Website. If the Visitor downloads material from tomorrow, it will do so at its own risk. If you have any questions about our Terms of Use, please feel free to contact Metalvision Kft.: info@metalvision.hu


2.1. Through the Website, users of the Website ("Visitor") may voluntarily register and provide personally identifiable information. By providing voluntary data, visitors agree that Metalvision Kft., The sole owner, operator and maintainer of this website, shall manage the data provided as follows. Please take all necessary steps to ensure that your user name and password are kept secret from third parties.

2.2. Metalvision Kft. Shall, in all cases, comply with the data and other information provided by the Visitor within the framework of the applicable law (in particular Act CXII of 2011 on Information Self-Determination and Freedom of Information) and in accordance with it shall process and process and transmit only to the extent and for the time necessary to achieve the purpose of data management described above in a fair manner.

2.3. Visitors are required to provide accurate information when registering. Metalvision Kft. Reserves the right to delete false and inaccurate data and information / registration from the database. Metalvision Kft. Assumes no liability for the content of the data provided by the Visitor and disclaims its liability for any damage caused to a third person by false, untrue data.


3.1. The personal data and information provided to Metalvision Kft. will be handled by Metalvision Kft. solely for the purpose of the Visitor providing the data (typically answering questions, donating, requesting time, responding to a case description), used to communicate with Visitors. The purpose of data management is to fulfill the Visitor's request for information, to communicate with the Visitor, to fulfill the Visitor's request and to receive support.

3.2. In the course of data management, your personal data shall be exclusively handled and processed by the employees of Metalvision Kft.

3.3. Metalvision Kft. Will only forward your personal data to a third party unless you have given your consent or our company is legally obliged to do so.

3.4. Your personal information will be recorded based on your username and password. Visitors will receive confirmation of the application to the email address they provide.

3.5. The Visitor himself may modify or delete his data from the database. Should you have any technical or other issues with this, your company will also modify or delete your information from the database upon request. By fulfilling the Visitor's support, by accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree that Metalvision Kft. Will send the Visitor newsletters, materials related to its activity and notification. If you do not wish to receive a newsletter from us in the future, you can request to be removed from the recipient by contacting us below.

3.6. Metalvision Kft. informs you that in order to prepare statistics and statements, Metalvision Kft. May not collect mass non-personal information periodically in connection with a unique identifier.

3.7. We would also like to inform you that the visitors of the website of Metalvision Kft. Receive automatically logged information: IP address, domain name, date of visit, browser, data of visited pages. This information, if it is real and can be related to the person behind it, is considered as personal data. Metalvision Kft. Uses the resulting personal data solely for the purpose of analysis and statistical reports related to the website and destroys it after processing.

3.8. Metalvision Kft. Sometimes uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that are placed on the Visitor's hardware device during the use of the application and identify the sites / pages visited. By using cookies, the Visitor aims to make the site and its content easier to use and to meet the user's needs faster. By changing the browser settings, the user has the ability to accept or decline cookies. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our site.


Metalvision Kft. stores user data on a secure and firewall protected server to protect and store your personal information. It will not be disclosed to third parties, however, Visitors will be informed that server maintenance, system administrator and IT personnel may have access to such data, but will not disclose such data to any third party.


This Privacy Policy applies only to Metalvision Kft., The Company assumes no responsibility for the content of any site operated by other persons, or for data handling or data collection and conduct.


6.1. The visitor has the right to:
a) request information about the processing of your personal data; and
b) request the correction or deletion of your personal data,
(c) request information from the controller about the data processed by the controller that he or she processes, the purpose of the data processing, the legal basis, the duration, the data processor's name, address (headquarters), received the data.

6.2.Visitors may object to the processing of their personal data if
a) the processing (transfer) of personal data is necessary only for the enforcement of the rights or legitimate interests of the controller or the data recipient,
b) the personal data is used or transmitted for direct marketing, opinion polling or scientific research;
c) the exercise of the right of protest is otherwise permitted by law.

6.3. In case of violation of the visitor's rights, the data controller may take legal action.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy, you can contact Metalvision Kft.: info@metalvision.hu